Hydrogen Health Benchtop Water Filter


Hydrogen Health Benchtop Water Filter

$1,750.00 GST

Innovative. Modern. Essential.

A powerful and portable solution for creating an absorbable essential in its ultimate bioactive form.

Inner Support

Balance Healthy Microbiome & Metabolic Function


Hydrating Skin Restoration & Collagen Production

Bio-Energy Boost

Mitachondria Powerup & Cellular Signaling

Within The Cell

Hydrogen gas is a small, powerful, and effective antioxidant that targets harmful free radicals by neutralizing them through donating electrons.

This ability allows hydrogen to access mitochondria within cells, including brain cells, and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, which can lead to cell dysfunction and disease development.

Filtration System

The water filtration system uses two types of cartridges to ensure thorough purification. The physical filtering cartridge targets physical impurities, effectively removing dirt and silt while protecting against overload. It also handles odour extraction and sediment retention and can eliminate up to 99% of chlorine and chloramines.

Meanwhile, the chemical impurity filtering cartridge addresses chemical contaminants, removing up to 99% of fluoride and other chemical pollutants. It purifies pesticides, toxins, and pathogens and effectively extracts heavy metals and a wide spectrum of impurities.



Experience pure, clean water like never before with our advanced multistage filtering system. It skillfully targets a wide range of impurities to give you water of exceptional purity.

Multistage Filtering

Flouride, Chlorine, Chemicals, Pathogens & Metals

Automatic Filtering

Responsive TDS Indicator, Automatic Fill

Hydrogen Rich

Ionic PEM Membrane & Eletrolysis Technology


High Thermal Heating

Rapid Heat System


Transforming essential nutrients into the ultimate bioactive form and energising them with our innovative medical engineering design.


Our design combines powerful functionality with simple usability, featuring responsive filtering and a multi-touch display.

Multi Touch Display

Press & Hold Function Control

Automatic Filtering

Responsive TDS Indicator, Automatic Fill


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