Intramuscular Boosters

Each of our new Intramuscular shots typically takes 15 minutes or less to complete, giving you access to the same benefits of regular drip therapy in only half the time.

Intramuscular vitamin injections are administered directly into the muscle. The frequency of intramuscular shots may also vary depending on your treatment plan — some may require injections weekly, while others may receive them intermittently.

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Boosters Shots

Intramuscular boosters are perfect for individuals seeking to enhance their nutrient levels for specific nutrients that cannot be administered intravenously. They are made suitable for those who don’t need a complete drip infusion.

Intramuscular boosters are specifically designed to directly administer medications, vitamins and nutrients into the muscle. This allows for rapid and efficient absorption of required nutrients into both the muscles and the bloodstream directly.

Curious about how Intramuscular Boosters can elevate your well-being?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Vital IV Therapy for more information and personalised recommendations to support your health.

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